This is my latest large-scale woodburning, (50″x40″). It is from the same photo as the previous post. The normal technique for rendering a photographic image onto a surface is to project the image and trace the major locations with a pencil. The next step would … Continue readingNEW TECHNIQUE


In the summer of ’18, I made these large format burnings of a tree on the Gulf Coast. I took many photos and composited them in different ways so as to get a sense of the experience of standing under this tree. I also made … Continue readingLIVE OAKS


This is a new one that I’m working on. I took the photo at Paul B. Johnson State Park and Photoshopped it. I then projected it onto a 30″ x 40″ mat board. While the projector was on I made a rough drawing with different … Continue readingNEW DRAWING